Logomilk Launch

A few months ago I began brainstorming the concept of an online logo gallery that focused on pure design fundamentals. The usp: all showcased designs would be monochromatic (black and white). The name chosen was LOGOMILK and I made sure to snap up the .com domain immediately.

I continued development and decided to use the letter ‘K’ for the favicon/avatar of Logomilk. The letter K is known as ‘black’ in CMYK… and after all the site would be featuring monochromatic logos in their purist form, so this seemed to fit nicely.

I posted ideas and developments on Dribbble and with the help of other designers began to develop the concept further.

David Blanchet (of Logopond fame) approached me about getting Logomilk off the ground promptly. His suggestion was for me to manage a curated gallery as part of Logopond, alongside other curated galleries he was in the process of launching. This worked perfectly as I could tap into their substantial logo database and partner up with an already successful model.

At Logomilk we encourage all designers to upload their best/favourite ‘concept’ or ‘real world’ logos. Please submit via Logopond as usual. Preferably we would like to see logos on a plain white or black background. Textures and effects kept to a minimum… we want this to be about pure milky logo goodness!

Please visit logomilk: www.logomilk.com